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.My Personal Stuff.
Courtesy of Jae-Dong Park
Now I am Ki-Hyun KIM though, I think most of my old classmate remember me as Jae-Hyen KIM because I changed my name on January 9, 1986 officially.

I was born into this world (Sabha) on January 18, 1954 from my hometown Go-Heung which is located at about 100km south of GwangJu Metropolitan City

I was graduated from Kohung Dong Elementary School in 1967 ( the 55th alumnus)
I was graduated from Goheung Middle School in 1970 ( the 24th alumnus)
I was graduated from Jeonnam High School in 1973 ( the 5th alumnus)
I was graduated from Inha University in 1977. ( Bachelor's degree of Electronic Engineering.)
I was graduated from Inha Graduate School in 1982. (Master's degree of Bio Information System Engineering. )

I was married Kye-Sook HAN in 1984 and we have one daughter who called Keon-Ah KIM.
I was converted to Buddhism in 1992 and my buddhist name is Dae-Woon which means Big Cloud. Now I live in Suwon city 40 km south of Seoul, South KOREA since 1987 just before my daughter was born into this world.

My parents lived toghter till my father passed away in 1987 summer at my hometown and until now my mother wants to live alone there where friends and relatives lived together near my ancestor's tombs. My parents have six children (i.e. three sons and three daughters) and I am the eldest son or second eldest child among them in our Family.
I work for WISE (Woojin Instruments & System Engineering Inc.) since 1984.

Since in my early days I was interested in HAM world that talk to unknown people in foreign country without wire and finally I was licensed in 1987 though I wasted one more year to prepare the rig, Although I don't think I am a serious DXer I really like chasing DX since when I was opened my Amateur Radio Station in 1988. My first DXCC Award was issued on May 1st, 1991 (#18,801 in PHONE mode) with callsign HL2KCS
Now I am a Life Member (since 1999) & full member (since 1988) of KARL (Korean Amateur Radio League) and an international member of ARRL (American Radio Relay League) since 1993. And also a full member of KDXC (Korea DX Club) since 1996. Other hobby except HAM is taking a pictures since 1972.

Twice happy is a man with a hobby for he lives in two worlds.

Other Activities

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