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With Dr.Tedesco at Seoul Lantern Festival - Woojeonggookro in Seoul on May 7th 2000 -

khkim&tedesco@Lantern Festival1
khkim&tedesco@Lantern Festival2
With Dr.Tedesco at Woojeonggook-Road
- In Seoul on April 29th 2001 -
Jinpeop & Daewoon at Lotus Lantern Parade
in Seoul Korea on April 29th 2001

Research and Reflections by Frank M. Tedesco

E-mail from Frank M. Tedesco on 04/30/2001.

Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 13:18:27 +0900
From: "Frank M. Tedesco" <>
Subject: BB Parade photos with Frank!

Dear Dae-Woon Poepsa!

Very good to meet you again yesterday! I have attached two photos for you. I hope we have a chance to speak tomorrow or after i get back from my trip to Malaysia. I have been invited by Eastern Horizon magazine to speak at different temples associated with the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia.
See I will leave May 4 and return around May13 or 14. I had many good experiences with Buddhist groups in Florida and will be happy to share them with you, too. I have added a photo of a new dharma group in Clearwater led by a fine Sri Lankan monk Bhante Dhammawansha who happens to be a dhamma brother of Venerable Ilbo of Lotus Lantern! There is also a photo at a Lunar New Year celebration in St. Petersburg at a Vietnamese temple. I am standing with a Vietnamese lady community leader, Bhante Dhammawansha and the Vietnamese abbot of the temple.

Be well and happy!


Jin Poep- True Dharma

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Dr. Frank M Tedesco's Review (1 of 2)
From Buddhist Newspaper dated of 11/20/2001


Dr. Frank M Tedesco's Review (2 of 2)
From Buddhist Newspaper dated of 11/27/2001


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