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BBC-TV World News, Asia
Today May 21, 1999
April 20, 1996 Ponwon Chongsa (Vihara): A view of the Myongbujon (Hall of the Dead) from over the remains of the Nahanjon (Hall of the Arhants), on border of Pukhansan National Park, Seoul.
Ponwon Chongsa: A View of the Damaged Hall of the Dead from the charred remains of the Taeungjon (Main Buddha Hall).
Charred page of a Buddhist sutra and Incense Burner from the altar of Ponwon Chongsa, Seoul April 1996
Charred page of a sutra from the remains of Ponwon Chongsa Vihara, Seoul
Burned decorative carving from roof of the main Buddha Hall of Ponwon Chongsa Vihara, April 1996. The temple had not been finished before it was destroyed by arson. The felon has yet to be identified or captured.
Midnight April 19 , 1996
The Hall of the Arhants of Ponwon Chongsa (Vihara) consumed in flames. Over 500 hand carved and hand painted wooden statues of Buddhist holy figures are totally destroyed along with the temple building. The images had been consecrated but the building awaited finishing touchs. Insurance had not yet been purchased (Footage courtesy of Buddhist Television Network BTN Cable-TV, Seoul)
Roof Beams in Flames, Ponwon Chongsa, April 1996 (Footage courtesy of BTN Cable-TV, Seoul)
Midnight April 19, 1996 Hall of the Arhants engulfed in flames. Fire fighters were ineffective because of difficulty getting trucks and high pressure water hoses to the site. They had also been deflected by an earlier fire at Samsong Hermitage on a mountain top nearby.
The main Buddha Hall of Ponwon Chongsa Vihara in final stage of destruction, April, 1996.
Ornamental Roof Beams in Flames, Ponwon Chongsa on the edge of northern Seoul, April 1996. (BTN Cable-TV)
View of a burning temple entrance and beams, Ponwon Chongsa, northern Seoul, Korea. (BTN Cable-TV)
Aftermath of Arson at Ponwon Chongsa, April 1996.
Two temple buildings with their paintings and sculpture totally lost. Partial damage to the Myongbujon (Hall of the Dead). Arsonist (s) remain at large despite door to door investigation of the surrounding area and the offer of a large reward by the local police. There was no insurance. (BTN Cable-TV)
Frank M. Tedesco, Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies
The American expatriate scholar who brought extremist attacks on Buddhist temples to the attention of international scholars with reports on the internet and a presentation at the conference of the Society of Buddhist-Christian Studies in Chicago, August 1996. (BBC-TV, UK)
Burned and melted Buddha figures, Ponwon Chongsa, Seoul, Korea Spring, 1996
Scorched and headless Buddha images with charred scriptures, Ponwon Chongsa, April 1996.
Under Attack: Vandalized Buddha Statue, Korea
Press photo of vandalized Buddha statues, Cheju Island, Korea (summer, 1998).
Press photo of desecrated Buddhist shrine, Wonmyong Zen Center, Cheju Island, Korea 1998.
Decapitated granite Buddha images, Wonmyong Zen Center, Cheju Island, June 1998. Perpetrated was a self-avowed Christian.
Destruction of Buddha Figures and Altar Accessories at Won Myong Sonwon (Zen Meditation Center), Cheju Island, June 1998.
"If I acted on what I believed I, too, could have vandalized temples. When I consider those who commit such acts I think to myself that they have a much stronger faith than me." BBC-World (TV), Asia Today, May 21, 1999.
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