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KDXC Logo was designed & drawn by HL2KCS in 1996

[ Logo was designed & drawn by HL2KCS ]

The Korea DX Club (KDXC) is the oldest and the most respected DX club in South Korea. The KDXC was founded in 1987 and has over 50 members, whom reside around the country. Members have participated in numerous IOTA-peditions and DX-pedition over the years providing contacts to DXers around the world.

2010 KDXC Club Officers:
President: Seong-Ki Lee, HL1IWD
Secretary: Sang-Yong Yoon, DS2AXU
Auditing : Joo-Dong Lee, DS2BGV

Club Call Sign: DS0DX


'93 Korea DXer MT
Posing DXers at Mireuksa-temple site after Korea first HL DXer meeting at Suanbo
-March 1st, 1993.- [Photo Courtesy of HL3FUH]

'2000 KDXC총회@충주
In front of HL3ENE's ShackRoom after 2000 KDXC General meeting
- April 16th, 2000.-

DX2000 행사기록

DX2002 행사

DX2004 행사기록

KDXC DX Info Board

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Most Wanted Top 100 Entity for HL/DS
- in 2000 -


DX2000 convention

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'QSL for HL0HQ/2_320 'QSL for HL93A/2_320
Tokchok Is. DX-Pedition.(August 1991) Jebu Is. DX-Pedition.(July 1993)

'Picture for Paengnyong DX-pedi_320 'QSL for DS0DX/2_320
Paengnyoung Is. DX-Pedition.(June 1995) Paengnyoung Is. DX-Pedition. QSL

'QSL for dokdo_9508_320 'Picture for ju4hl_9707_320
Dok Is. DX-Pedition.(August 1995) Mongolia DX-Pedition.(July 1997)

2000DX-convention2_320 2000DX-convention1_320
Korea DX Convention 2000 at Chonan (QSL_cover) Korea DX Convention 2000 at Chonan (Nov. 2000)

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